The Beyoutiful Program

We glory and pride ourselves in Jesus Christ, and put no confidence or dependence on what we are in the flesh and on outward privileges and physical advantages and external appearances. (philippians 3:3)


The BEYOUTIFUL program is an empowerment platform that seek to train individuals on how to let their true selves out and express themselves in the beautiful way they were created to. it is believed that, a man is not a man until that man becomes a man. this saying is true because it takes more than what meets the eyes to determine the worth of a man and with what lurk around the corners of the world today. it is indeed proven that, maturity is a thing for a self oriented man.
in the beyoutiful program, we enhance individuals positively with the tool kit needed to conquer the world and become a person of impeccable qualities. it is estimated that the 80% of the entire universal population that do not know how to express themselves are always on the bottom list of the important happenings in their environment. i personally believe, that, lack of self expression is lack of money. it is indeed perceived that 50% of the rich and wealthy individuals in the world have a mouth work not a hand work. with this said, it means that they talk things into existence, and a very typical example of these phenomenal is the creation of the earth and everything in it as recorded in the bible. God called everything into existence and talked all things into order. So dwelling in the ignorant shadows of low self expressions do more harms than good in the society at large today. it is very sad that a child go through his or her life always falling victim to pressures and totally incapacitated to be more.
in our programs, we teach people how to live out of their comfort zone which we call the caterpillar zone and blossom into a beautiful strong butterfly that have nothing to do with the lesser values life have to offer, but somebody that is on everyday basis living and growing in the affluence of true self confidence and its infinite possibilities.
I believe that confidence is all about being positive concerning what you can do, and not worrying about what you can not do. A confident person is open to learning, because a confidence person knows that confidence gives them the access to walk through life’s doorways, eager to explore what lies beyond the lines of their comfort zone without being afraid. Every confident person knows that every new mystery is a opportunity to learn more about their selves and unleash a new set of energies and abilities.
In this program, the participants are thought how to not concentrate on their weaknesses but to develop and maximize their strengths. It is very unfortunate that people tend to work so hard on their weaknesses that they totally forget to work on what makes them strong as human beings. While many knows exactly what they are doing wrong and at the same time do not know how to do things right, a professional help is advised to be seek like ours so as to help build the person up majestically. According to Eker T Harv, whatever we focus on expands, in fact, we can something into a huge problem when, in real life it would be a minor nuisance if only we viewed in perspective with our strength. Human being have the tendencies of making a big deal out of nothing and when it escalates, they totally loose control and it go on like a wild fire. It is time and energy consuming when we focus so much of our everything on our weaknesses, at the end of the day, it makes us the small people and nobody love to feel that way. Confident people make it a habit to think and act positively and the reverse is the case of a non confident people.
We teach people to understand that, confidence allows us to face life with boldness, openness, and honesty. It enables us to live without worry and to feel safe and it enables us to live authentically.We do not have to pretend to be somebody we are not because we are secure in who we are, even when we are different from those around us. I strongly believe that confidence gives us the permission to be different and that is a beYoutiful thing to experience.
We encourage you to partner with us and lets help you achieve the best life you are meant to achieve, just follow this link to reserve a sit for yourself and friends every Friday, 3 PM.