A Simple Strategy To Beat Perfectionism And The Feeling Of ‘Not Good Enough’


People get overwhelmed with stuff that gets in the way of experiencing happy, fulfilled lives.

There’s our work life, family life, mental/emotional/health/sex life; friendships and relationships with colleagues, not to mention the most dominant stressor of all, our financial lives.

It’s easy to wonder if you’re giving your best to any of it. This could be simple fear of failure; or the idea that focusing heavily on one area means other areas have to suffer. Continue reading




moment I opened my
heart and let you in
I saw this great love
starting to begin.
I opened my eyes to a
vision of you
I hope, I pray your
feelings are true.
I have loved and I have
paid the cost
And I have felt the pain
of the love I lost. Continue reading

Why Most People Utilize Their Strengths And Weaknesses Incorrectly And How It Might Be Blocking You From Success


I haven’t found too many people that have inherent weaknesses of personality, or their way of being, that can fix them that easily.

I spent a lot of time when I was younger “working on my weaknesses”. The problem was that I kept finding more problems with myself, and I kept on getting disappointed about just how many flaws I actually had/have.

It finally occurred to me to stop trying to fix my weaknesses. Instead, I began focusing on my strengths and letting the weaknesses be where they are. If they go, they go. If they stay, they stay, Continue reading

You Title It!

What you have chosen to be like is the reason you are who you are. Maybe in one stage of your life, you realise that your chosen path isn’t what you have being traveling on for a while and you finally conclude to yourself that that shoes isn’t for you. Well here is the news, those times you feel or know that you are not living in the steps of who you choose to be like is actually the time in life that define your mentors or role models. Continue reading