You Title It!

What you have chosen to be like is the reason you are who you are. Maybe in one stage of your life, you realise that your chosen path isn’t what you have being traveling on for a while and you finally conclude to yourself that that shoes isn’t for you. Well here is the news, those times you feel or know that you are not living in the steps of who you choose to be like is actually the time in life that define your mentors or role models. When you feel you can’t go on, remember in that moment of giving up is when the miracle happens. Nothing under earth have an easy sail, there are always rough seas which comes with thunder storms like hell is released upon you. The punch line of life is, the success that do not happen after failures and tribulations is never fun enough to make success an enjoyable experience. All these are the factors that make a whole, success is never ending and failure is never final.
In other to endure through this process, consider every failure that comes as a tip to someone else success, that’s how billionaires think, because enlarging your failure in a negative environment only make your life miserable and in no time, you will totally loose control over it. Success is like a cloth, you don’t put the same on forever, you have to change it, dry clean it, buy a new and better one. Success is a fashion trend, make exploits and keep up with the latest. Remember that you are limitless and you have nothing else to do but to explore and stretch all your amazingness still it gone.
A man is not a man until he becomes a real man, and fear is a man best friend that keep him entitled to a pension fund called Regret. Winning is the attitude that transforms your fears into enemies because with your enemies around, you have a reason to prove them wrong by winning everyday in everything. So start winning today by first winning your true self back from wherever you lost it. Remember, it all starts with you and the rest comes naturally.

To your becoming the best version of you, BeYouTiful.

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