So I was talking with my partner yesterday about somethings that I am going through personally. Though her network reception was in shambles, she hustled so effortlessly to conquer through just to assist me figure out my way around life in general, such a lovely partner. I said to her, I need life advise Kay, what do you have for me? She said personal development, and I must tell you, after my discussion with her, the productiveness of the conversation is a take out. It is like a common truth that we all are neglecting because of ignorance or to some people, they do not feel worthy to seek it. This is an issue where you need to redress your roots to foster the beauty of your flowers or leaves. The elucidation that was unraveled is worth much more than any billion dollar dreams that is not yet lived or manifesting in reality. It was made obvious to me that, with this knowledge comes the true awareness of ones worth. The foundation of personal development is the mother to unlimited growth in any direction be it good or bad. Ones you’re able to identify your source of being and connect to it, be it through worship, incantation or any form of spiritual dealings, your life starts and flourish to the fullest.
Many rich folks do not want you knowing the source to staying rich year in year out, so they work everyday to complicate the simple truth. Just as life is, the more we find, the less we see. I live everyday acquiring wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment power, but the more I seek, the more I am tied to an endless stream of bewilderment and loose hold of the ones I have grasped already. In other words, the more I seek, the more imprisoned I become to the mysteriousness of knowledge. The ridiculous part is that, with each enlightenment held comes this sense of euphoria rapped with anticipation like a tv show. I finally realised, if it does not come like this, the show gets boring and lack of interest occurs. Now let’s cut to the chase and tackle the subject of concentration at hand which is: foundation of personal development and growth.
What are these you may ask and obviously everybody have their own definition to that subject so we won’t stress about it. Now the question is, what is your take on personal development and growth? How do you define it yourself? Good or bad? Because the way you understand things about your life is the way you live your life. You make your own instructional manual, so the only way to change is to let go of what you know and embrace the fact you wish to know and live.
Now the ground breaking question.
Boom, there it is! I told my partner that I am yet to figure that basic part of my life out but everything I do, I get them from within myself with no person to accredit the glory to. Music can be your source of inspiration, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your job and etc, but nah, you are wrong. All those factors listed above are just belief system, which are like energy or enzymes running through our veins into all the branches of our life because it is produced from the foundation of our lives which is the ROOT. The root shelters everything yet it is buried deeply inside the ground. The root is the god over our lives but yet it is kept in a silent and dark place where we hardly visit talk more wire electric current to it. It just sits in isolation and we don’t feed it the right way instead we usurp against it by mimicking people that are living their outdoor lives in glitz and glamour. Let me tell you a story, my life was fashioned by my parents, teachers and peer group conditioning, everything I do I reflected the lifestyle of each and everyone of them. My decisions generally was made on the proper articulation and consideration of each and everyone of them input in my life. Long story short, I based those decisions on their approval, opinions and their acceptance of me. Everyday of my life then, I long for their applause and cheers but sincerely it did not come often which always leave depressed and totally down on myself. People get scared when they found out that they have actually succeeded to build a part of themselves in you. Yes, I noticed that and I will love you to look into it too.
Now how often do you tap into your source? I’m talking about your personal relationship with your God which is the source of your everything, life, after life , you name it. like how often do you communicate with him either through worship or prayers? One of the ways to ensure free flow of inspirations with deep understanding and greater knowledge regarding anything is through one’s personal relationship with his or her God. Yeah I use God because that is the real word for the thing that crowns and control our lives. We all have that and it is no surprise how easy the work out for us. Do you really depend on Him to give you more understanding on what you read, or you rely more on your strength in understanding what you read?
Every one have something that works for them and the only instruction attached to the relationship is simple: leave everything to me and I your God will give you all the things you desire, all you have to do is trust and obey!
Yep! It’s works in everything. You probably have not given him everything as expected, You’re probably still bothered about certain things. And all he wants is for you to slow down and walk in his own pace. You can never be faster than what works for you, and for your information, if Jehovah, the God of heaven and earth ain’t the one working for you, my friend you are in trouble!
You don’t only pray when you are in trouble so God will just swoosh in like super man and save the day. No! It does not work like that, the fact is that you are belittling him and he will just stand by and watch you but will never forsake you.
It is high time we all reconcile to our source of life, the foundation of our personal growth and development. There is a saying that goes,

The beauty starts inside before the world witness it.

Life is too precious to live through not living your life to the fullest. No matter how bad, we have become and how long we have walked on the road direction, we always have the choice to change our direction and head back to our source and fortify ourselves to start being the best we can be in every areas of our lives.
Identify your source today and live a life of fullness and happiness, because this source is responsible for your spiritual, mental, financial, social and physical development and growth. The choice is yours and the life is yours and within you lies your source, call upon Him and he will answer.


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