A daring existence is one where uncertainty is embraced, loneliness is simply lived- not feared, where one word said to us doesn’t give or take from our worth.

A daring existence is jumping into the unknown, having faith in oneself and trusting that darkness is not the opposite of light, that without darkness we would have no comprehension of light, and that between the darkness and the light, the sky gives us shades perhaps far more glorious, intense, and significant to us than the two extremes.

Living a daring existence is dominating guilt, gently, like a cocooned caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, acceptance of a process that is natural but intense and magical when it finally manifests itself.

Living a daring existence is acceptance, not just of who we are, but of who we never became.

It’s not being ‘ok’ with your job but being passionate about your job. It’s not being ‘ok’ with your relationship, but making it exactly what you long for it to be.

Living a daring existence is not living in someone else’s shadow or the shadows of someone who did it right in fear of doing it wrong. It is living fully and precisely the way you want to live -with the precision of side parking between two lines but without the fear of the parking ticket.

Living a daring existence is immersion. Full responsibility. Full love. Full being. Walking away. Walking towards. Remaking. Reimagining. Reconsidering.

Resettling but never settling.

Living a daring existence is moving to a rhythm that your heart orchestrates for you, that your body is in tune with, that your life beats to.

It’s drawing the line and crossing the line.
It’s being within the world selflessly and selfishly.

It’s being fine with uncertainty and not waiting for constant validation. It’s happiness that is not contingent on constant love, for love is not constant, and emotions are not constant, and living in the fear of change is living in the fear of everything, but ultimately- nothing.

Living a daring existence is pushing the body- taking a warrior pose even when our hearts ache, and bringing our knees to our chests and hugging ourselves, remembering ourselves, acknowledging ourselves.

Reaching that daring existence takes time. But every moment, every word, every action is a step towards a life that we truly want.

A daring existence is quite simply being truly alive.

Abeer Fahim


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