Nigerians are privilege to host the world’s 7th richest man, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook. The advancements of technology made it possible that everyone or anyone can take a picture of themselves smiling pridefully next to mr Mark. How extraordinary that a man as simple as Mr Mark Zuckerberg have this effect on people everywhere he goes. A man so celebrated globally but yet humble to walk and run on the dirty streets of Lagos just to promote the betterments of the people he might never meet again. No guards no fancy fancy like most have even when they are in the position to be humble but they choose to act aloof and cocky. Well in my own personal opinion, I don’t think those people are worth a whisper talk more a story.

I am not in Lagos but the rave of happiness from the western part of the country saturated the atmosphere of Abuja that I can’t help but wonder how awesome it will be to have him come visit the FCT. A single man irrespective of any flaws that he has, touches the lives of millions every single day by connecting them to a large and endless world of possibilities on the Internet.

Many of us thrive to have something we don’t really want because that’s all we can do and be unless power changes hand which is a way of paying tributes to ourselves. We are so afraid of loosing that we have refused to see the amount of stagnation the fear of lost has cost them. Do you know that Facebook own the social network called Instagram? Yes! Mark bought it four years ago with billion of dollars. He owns both Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram and God knows what else. He have come to a place in his life that he is no longer afraid of taking risks and honestly I don’t think that word exists in his dictionary any more. Everything he does is so successful that he have nothing to hide because he is basically a global figure. I won’t be wrong to say that he have had that vision even before he created Facebook.
Vision is one of the power that elevate the mind from it present state to a place of spiritual enlightenment which forge your reality if only it is acknowledged. Vision is the capacity to dream with your eyes wide open. Vision is so big that sometimes I think our small minds can’t really make out how gigantic it can be. I compare vision to God, he is so big that when you try to figure it out, you find yourself in a deed puzzle of wonders that can be so overwhelming that you find yourself shouting out loud unexpectedly. I believe that if you feel that you are bigger than your vision, then it is no vision at all. If your vision do not scare you then it is just a movie that is stock in your head.

Let’s talk about desperation for a minute;
Loss of hope; hopelessness. someone or something that causes hopelessness:

How do you handle the state of desperation? Do you know that desperation is a dream killer? Most men swim before they are able to. What does that mean? Can it be bestowed on the shoulders of desperation?
I used to think that Gods time is the best till I came to the realisation that that’s a limiting belief that keeps me caged with the little I had and stay patiently waiting for the big ones I do not see coming or forth coming after a very long wait. Now we are back to the words that is usually ministered to the body, mind, spirit and the soul. Do you know how destructive that statement is? How many people have passed on without achieving zilch in hope of Gods time? Things we feed to our minds, our spirit and the generality of our existence either make us or break us. Human beings have or created the tendency of inculcating the live of another to themselves. We judge the successes of our lives with what we see and feel on television. It is like our heads was sawed open and our brains was scooped from inside out and refilled with baloneys of the same categories but different colours. We believe and work so hard to fit ourselves in the shoes that was not made for us and we refused to look back on what a mess we have created. We are so afraid of our humble beginnings that we fear it’s not big enough because of the simple fact that we can never be patient enough to tend it till it materialise to what we envision. Why do we measure ourselves with an edited content?
The beauty of life is not felt by living in the shadows of people that is living a controlled life. World renowned men and women at a time in their lives have to make the hardest decision of their lives, and they did not achieve their destiny remaining in the shadow of people but they stood up and take that bold step to be who they are and it felt really good.

Now why do human beings do before they learn to do?
I heard somebody say fake it till you make it! Indeed, that’s a good one for people that want to clearly get a picture of what they want. You don’t fake till you make yourself into somebody else, that isn’t true success. A story is told about athletes that first see themselves as winners before the undergo the winning process. Now you see yourself in someone else’s shoes but neglect to observe the common truth , does the shoes fit?

Gods time in not the best in the belief that you sit and do nothing. Heaven won’t come to you, you’ve to go knock till it opens. I know you think you’re doing the best you can, but the best you can do is it limited or unlimited? Why get tired before you start? I believe that no matter how hard or bad your journey on the right direction is going, you’ll never get tired or frustrated. The road to true happiness is full of obstacles and that’s what makes it interesting. Ask yourself why do I get frustrated, tired or something negative whenever I wake up to this job, this relationship, this life, this friend, and etc? According to David Bowie, he said “If you feel safe in the area that you are working in, you’re not working in the right area.” So true. Every great adventure is built on a strong belief but always prepare for uncertainties because they know that failure is a basic part of success and its normal.

Every step you make should be a vision, every decision, settlement, thoughts should be a vision in the right direction. Live your life like you are being watched and yes indeed you’re being watched. No matter how we pretend not to be affected, the thoughts of being watched and caring what people thinks lingers. The only way to win is to win, yes I will say it again, WIN. You were not created to be someone else but yourself, so find yourself and life will reward you indefinitely.

Remember this;

It’s only a fool that taste the depths of the ocean with both legs. Learning enhances experience.



  1. Chika Ogumka says:

    i think when you say God’s time is the best it does not necessarily mean you should sit down and wait for the almighty to come down nd purse the dreams and passions he gave you the tools for. Pardon me but the context in which that statement was used doesn’t do it justice. if you hv been sitting around nd waiting for God to bring your dreams to pass without making any move then you’ve been a fool. God is never responsible for your inability to purse your goal.


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