LOW SELF ESTEEM: The Friend That Kills A Friend!!!


Low self esteem is a killer with the most sweetest and heart piercing smile. It is a zone most feel really comfortable dwelling in which is uncomfortable and tend to drag people into their lifestyle by flexing it on the weak mind. Low self esteem is based on the self image you project on the everyday of your life. Low self esteem affects negatively in every parts of lives, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, in a relationship, friendship, and every aspects of our entire life even in the decision making part of life. This sometimes leads to panic attacks. Low self esteem often times lead to depression and total feeling of devastation, angry with yourself and etc and this is common to people that suffer from it.

Sometimes these feelings are begotten from social gatherings and when one feels the need to be right. In other words, done or say something wrong in any fashion. Low self esteem is a result of always judging and analyzing yourself In a negative light, and the people who suffers from this malady called low self esteem usually isolate or extricate themselves from any form of societal attachments, be it conversations, activities because they feel they can not do anything right. They stay quiet so as to not say anything wrong or attract attentions to themselves, and they fear rejection from others. And often time stay in an abusive or destructive relationship because they fear that nobody else will want to have them or the fear of being alone or stay in a bad job just because they don’t feel good enough to think that someone can employ them. If you have ever feel ridiculous enough that you wish the ground should open so you jump in and bury yourself and shame from the prejudices or judgements of people, that means you’re a low self esteem carrier and this is the time to drop it, and rock and roll. Take for example that you say something that you deem inappropriate and unfit for the occasion, you automatically turn red in your own disgust, your heart race more faster than the NASCARS competition race cars, you feel an obliterating pain and can not point out exactly the angle the pain is exhuming from. You always feel the need to make excuses, give excuses and every moment of your life, you find yourself creating excuses even when nothing called for it. People suffering from low self esteem don’t make positive excuses and instead they sink their lives deeper into negativity. Don’t get me wrong but everybody wants to get good out of life, but when you make negativity your foundation, you best kiss that possibility goodbye because life gives you what you give it and that’s called karma. The good news is, though it takes time to reverse from this state of being, it is totally possible and doable to overcome it and embrace real reality and live your life with enthusiasm.

Thoughts and attraction.
Our lives decision, habit , emotions,occurance whether negative or positive things and relationship with others can be control by our emotional guild system(EGS) which can help us know/understand exactly what to think upon so as to command the universe(thoughts & imagination) to attract it back to you. We are creator of our reality and our mind is not the crown of our lives but our spirit is.

I know you might be wondering how low self esteem is a friend that can kill a friend. Often times or perhaps many or countless of time, people with low self esteem have no other thing to fall back on and regroup when they need it, instead they confide in theirselves and nothing low breeds anything high. The fruit you plant is exactly what will germinate. Take for example, everybody is exposed to different experiences in life but does that make them who they are? Off course it does! Then what valuable can come out of a negative origin? Totally nothing. So you see, we all have something or someone we run to just to tender our problems and discomfort to. You will never know what you are missing until you try something new and totally different.
Always remember this, that true happiness lies in the bosom of the big hearted, and how else can you become a big hearted person or have a big heart without you sharing?
Your destiny is attached to people’s destiny, find them and fit in.

How to overcome low self esteem will be discuss in full detail in later articles or click here to read how to overcome one low self esteem.


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