Whenever anyone makes an important change, it’s because a switch has flipped. Someone who has struggled her whole life with her weight finally decides to get fit. Someone who has put up with an abusive boss for years finally has enough and quits. Someone who has harbored a secret crush finally takes the plunge and asks her beloved out for coffee. A shift has happened that has made action favorable to inaction. You can sit around in the dark waiting for the light to come on, or you can get up, walk across the room, and flip the switch yourself.” —Bernard Roth

It is indeed ridiculous how much we depend on people for so many things that when considered scares the socks out of me. I often ask people with high hopes on another people, what do they expect to get after all these long waits? They tell me and I ask them another question; what if you go out and get this done by yourself and for yourself? And how much satisfied will you feel when someone else does it for you? It is seemingly endless that I get the same response on every individual I ask the questions. Awe state! They tell me that they will feel even more matured and responsible for themselves but have thought about it and have no way to go about it.
I let them know that if they put their happiness in the hands of someone or something, that is because the solution to the situation is a possibility which can be attain by them individually if only they have the guts to try. You make someone a leader of your team because the person have qualities which are desirable and the person is been considered a people’s person, but figure this out, the more values you ascribe to a person, the more devaluation you bestow on yourself. Sounds unreasonable, right? Well let me tell you this, nobody else can do a better job than you. How? If you let yourself be a butt blower, that is what you will be. Decide to make a change. Put yourself out there and see what you are capable of. You will never know how much you can give until much is expected of you, that’s leadership principle. Taking control of your life don’t mean that you have to project your greed and wickedness on to others, these are factors you’ve to change.

You know how your old entrenched bad habits harm you. You know how your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs continue to paralyze you. You know how you have talked about “change” and “working on yourself” forever, but it never seems to happen. No more procrastinating. No more excuses! Your will has to be stronger than your excuses. Your will has to be stronger than your fear. Nothing great was ever built on excuses. You can’t whine your way through life. Kick your inner-whiner’s ass and get to living the good life. Abandon your excuses and fears, and move forward. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t fool yourself — everyone fails constantly. Failure is an essential part of the success process. Embrace it. When you make a mistake or something doesn’t turn-out right, just say, “I’m practicing imperfection.” Successful people fail more! Fail, learn, recover, regroup and retry. Practice being at peace with imperfection and even enjoying it. You may have made some mistakes, but your life is not a mistake; it’s a miracle. Change takes time. It takes time for the seeds to begin growing within, time to understand and process, time for the growth to mature, and time for the old self to die and fall away. Do it now and do it for you!

What’s too scary about trying a new thing? You either succeed or you learn. Both success and failure are connected, failure is not different from success but in some respects it is. Failure is a vital part of success which everybody undergo every time. When you are ready enough to scare new heights and conquer grounds, there will always be somethings you did not foresee and for successful people, they do not overlook that part instead the double their success options and extract a learning process ( read more on successful people, click here)
Adventures are amazing, take some and see, witness and be a part of something new. Being reclusive do not help anybody but you remain reclusive which is not a good thing. I know everything is tied down to people but I say if they don’t encourage you the way you need them to, change them like you change your mind when they discourage not to. There is always somebody for anybody be you an extrovert, introvert or however you define yourself, you have somebody, Your job is to find them.

Life is not one of these things;

1. A game because you don’t repeat levels.

2. A rehearsal because you have to stay ready at all times.

3. A house for just existing alone, you have to live.

4. A one time decision because you have to live through everyday becoming a better person. It is a learning process, it stops when you stop(dead).

Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself. Nobody else can and nobody else will do it for you. I know it’s hard at first but before you learn to walk, you have to learn to crawl. It’s one step at a time, there’s no need to rush and before you know it, you’re flying and soaring like a pride eagle with nowhere to go but up. I learnt late that negative words are powerful even when you have the right intention. Try cutting off any form of discouragement for your own good. It pays to follow your own advice because you can never advice yourself to go wrong, it’s in the heart not the body.

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