The Power Of Careless Talk


The word “careless” according to the dictionary means “not giving sufficient attention or thought, especially concerning the avoidance of harm or mistakes”. The word “talk” means “a conversation or discussion”. Careless talk could then be be defined as a conversation or discussion which involves not giving sufficient attention or thought, especially concerning the avoidance of harm or mistakes. Careless talks could be from one person, between two persons or among three or more persons. These are words that are spoken out of ignorance, vexation, or any reason whatsoever. 49% of people don’t know the meaning of the word “STUPID” but they use it like 88 times everyday. Take for example the universally accepted language ( the American English), we use it like its no longer dirty, appalling, immature, and etc, we use it to combine words to make a single sentence. Most people use it without knowing the true intentions of putting it in a sentence or how it is supposed to make them feel better when it is uttered.
I define careless talks as words which proceeds out of a person’s mouth which are considered as unclean and could cause harm or hurt to the party which the words are being spoken to.

Eph 4:29 says “let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear”.

Many forget how hurtful words can be and use it like it means nothing. General observance, I know that people know how hurtful and damaging their words can be and yet they use it because it is the strongest weapon they possess to make their selves feel better and look good in the situation.

The power to create and destroy is bestowed on the lips and funny how a boneless thing that is attached to an opening called cavity can bring about destruction, confusion, deaths, peace, and Lord have mercy, in it lies the power of both positive and negative forces. 8 out of 100 % of the population of the world let their tongue work for them in a positive and powerful way. They talk things into existence. God in the bible said let there be and there was; power of the tongue. I can stand my ground to say that nobody on earth will say that they do not know the power that is in the tongue. What do we do with our words? Do we bless or curse with it?

I always tell people, for a long time now you have been cursing and instead of progress, you are still stuck in stagnation, don’t you think it’s high time you start something new like blessing? I used to have these circle of friends sometime back, whatever we set out to accomplish always burst in our faces and nothing we did together or alone was successful. I was blessed to be at a Sunday service where the minister talked about the things you listen to and how it affects your life. He mentioned different settings but the only one that ministered to me in a perfect sense was when he talked about friends circle. He asked, does your friends lift you up or break you down with the words the speak into your life? That question got me thinking for a while but in a spark of reality, I realize that 99% of the things I hear from my friends are curses whether it is a joke or some serious baloney. I later realized that it affects my life spiritually, mentally, academically, socially because I don’t feel good enough, brilliant enough, handsome enough, in general tushed enough associating myself with people that I find fanciful. And they are friends that can help you if they have but they are not always having and that is disturbing.

It’s painful that the youths of the world on the daily rain curses on themselves and it’s like a globalized factor, it happens everywhere.

Imagine how beautiful life will be if we bless instead of curse.
Whoever does not learn how to tame his/her tongue cannot make good success.

The Bible says in 1Peter 3:10 that;

“For, the one who desires life, to love and see good days, must keep his tongue from evil, and his lips from speaking deceit”. 

      There are certain reasons why careless talks are found in people around the world today.

In our next write us we shall discuss:

– Causes of careless talk

-Effects of careless talk

-Solutions to careless talk



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