What is real about strength?
How can you be strong in the presence of problems?
And how can you use your strength to manage and resolve your adversities?

Being physically strong gives us a feeling that we are emotionally strong, and you know that the lack of emotional and mental strength can cripple your life totally and make it unbearable?
It is indeed great to be physically strong and in totality, physical strength can make you feel alot more in control of your life that you will never feel any form of weaknesses. Observe the sad people around you and you will discover that they lack emotional strength and that is the reason why they are always unhappy and in different mood swings that they themselves can not understand the reasons why.
Life problems seems to be smaller when we become emotionally stronger. Our self confidence boost up a hundred and one percent and our lifes becomes greaer.
As you continue to follow this articles and the related topics on it, you will be amazed at how these things that are stated in each, can impact your life and help you explore the beauty within you

Before we can stand up to life problems and adversities, we have to first know what makes us weak, for if we manage to get rid of it, we will become a stronger us.
Everyday life that we face, possess the activities that can make us stronger and better if only we know how to overcome them
Here are things that make people weak in time of life adversities or problems.

1. Strength and attachments: The more we make a thing part of our lives and accept it as it is, the more we become weaker and imprisoned to it. Dont get it twisted, these are the decisions we make ourselves and we all are the products of our decisions, our choice. You might think that i am asking you to give up whatever you have going and is most important to you like your dreams or pursuits but what i am trying to communicate to us is that, when things are not really working out the way we want it or there is a rad block, we have to be strong enough to let go and try something else or seek another road. The attachments we make are some of the reasons we are strong enough in relationships that is taking everything from us. We become stronger as soon as we rid ourselves the attachments and find out that letting go become easier. The main reason people do not recover from breakups or the loss of a loved one quickly, is because of the extreme attachment they develop towards them.
For instance, i have a friend and she is a very caring and loving person whenever she is in a relationship, she gets into it with a 100% of her everything without looking back or thinking twice about her options. One day her boyfriend broke up the relationship with a text that said “I AM DONE WITH YOU,” she was so devastated that the text happened and at the same time she do not know why he broke up with her because truthfully she culd not see anything that she did wrong. She called the boy for explanation but could not get anything tangible and her confusion grew more. One day she came to meet me after a lecture and explained everything to me and i get to understand that she was so much in love that she did not hold her head up to see beyond what she was feeling. I told her, for a guy to break up with you and have no simple explanation why, is an indication that your attachment to him made you a pawn in his chess board. You were so much attached to him with everything that yu could not see what you were doing to yourself and you let yourself be vulnnerable to manipulations, and now she can easily let go. It took about a month and somedays to bring her up to the place she wish to start from again and she became not just stronger but wiser person. In a nutshell, too much attachments takes away our strength and grace us with weakness that we tend to be in the dark with the hope that the person or thing we seek is the light to our servation.

2. Strength and knowlegde: One of the most powerful thing that can make us strong in the time of adversity and any form of life disturbance is KNOWLEDGE. Slow your rolls here for a moment, do you not know that the reason why people feel hopeless or helpless is caused by the fact that they do not know what to do? Depression can be as a result of lack of knowledge. The more skills we acquire in life, the more tricks we have in our sleeves and the more powerful we become in life. The state of loss of hope a person attain when he find out that no other way to get what he/she wanted is simply seen as DEPRESSION. Knowledge is power; that is one of the most true statements you will stumble upon. Acquire knowlegde and put it into actions in your everyday life even when you are alone. No one likes to be caught off guard and certainly we all want to catch someone at their weakest sometimes if not most times. That is human nature, and when you think you know and can function properly and at the end of the day you realize that you have no iota of ideas of what the situation called about, you become miserable and feel like a total waste of time but that is good  because it motivates and nobody want to feel like that.

3. Strength and courage: There is no doubt that in order to be strong in life you need to be brave but i am not talking about the type of courage that let you stand your ground in a fight. I am talking about the type of courage that would prevent you from getting into bad habits, drugs, sexual pleasures, smoking, eating too much, self pity, or even a relationship instead of facing your problems. Weak people are the ones who run from their problems, tend to find who to blame, and complain about so many things like what Mr A or Ms B did not do right. Whereas strong people are the people who face their life problems, seek solutions, do not blame or complain to any body as soon as the encounter them.

4. Our belief system: This is clearly one of the most powerful factors that can either make you really strong in life or can make you the weakest person. A single limiting belief be it whatsoever you tell yourself which is generally negative, will turn the strongest to the weakest that have ever exist. Lets talk about the belief system briefly, because this is another topic which will be discussed in details in time. According to wikipedia “A belief system is a set of mutually supportive beliefs. The belief of any such system can be classified as religious, philosophical, idealogical, or a combination of these.” Belief system is the fundation of your being, because it is what fashion your decision making and your decision making is the definition of your life and your life is the output of the choices you make.

earnedHow to be strong
Now that you have a clear picture of the above facts, it is time to come up with a paln that can help you be strong in your life When you face tough times, the following is a great action plan that can help you move forward and become strong:

1. Let go: A weak person becomes attached to his or her past and unable to move on while a strong person decides to let goand to find annother way to get what he wants or even a better alternative. We fully let go but make friends with our past not to be caged in it again but to educated ourselves with it

2. Educate yourself: Every new problems we encounter might require some additional knowledge that you do not currently possess or knowledge youalready acquire from your past. In order to be strong and strong at it in life you need to be to acquire thright knnowledge you need in every situation. It is advanced that you read from other people and learn to imitate the right people. And another way is to stick to this website, make request and let us know how things are working out with you.

3. Fix your belief system: once you believe that you can do something, nothing can stop you but you but the problem is that you will never be able to have such a belief before you get rid of the other limiting beliefs you have in your mind.

4. Do not run: You will never become stronger if you run from your problems, or procrastinate about it. I have get to learn that the reason we tend to procrastinate is because we can actually do what we procrastinate about and that is why we procrastinate about it. Do not fall prey to self deception because sometimes your mind will provide you with an escape method that is so clean to notice in order to help you escape without feeling any form of guilt. For instance, some people whi fear social life start to develop internet addictions not because they like it the internet but because it helps them find an excuse to escape from their problems without feeling bad.

The above tips are not the only ones you need in order to be strong in life but certainly applying them will make you much more stronger in life.


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