Ignite The Passion Within You To achieve Your Dreams!

Understanding the mindset which you are in is a very vital key to motivating yourself into achieving your dream goals. Every individual you know that is doing it big knows that, motivation is the key story to their success. It first starts within before it becomes a wow reality. 
Motivation is what pushes us to conquer beyond our personal boundaries in other to reach our aspirations and goals. Without motivation, a person lack the ability to hope in a situation where he/she don’t see a way forward any more. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there will always be a way. Failure is a never final occurrence whereas encouragement is the fuel of hope. Keeping our hopes alive by encouraging ourselves will eventually yield results. What are your mentality towards setbacks and failures? Do you stay down and sob in self pity? Do you find someone to put the blame on just to give yourself an excuse to feel better? Remember in any situation we find ourselves be it good or bad, it is our doing, our choice, because without your YES go ahead, there will be no regrets or success for you in that situation.Motivation is the key to overcoming barriers, obstacles of your personal or general success. It’s no doubt that the magnitude of your success is determined by amount of your self motivation you put to work. You have to maintain a positive mindset towards situations to break through every obstacles and attain your desired dreams.

How do you get and stay motivated

1. Self Enlightenment: knowing who you are. 

Who are you and what are the things that u can bear? What happens if you challenge yourself to do something that you do not really aim for? How do you know that this is who you are? Why do you find yourself getting bored with what you’re currently doing? These are some self enlightenment questions. This is the way you get to know who you are and what your capabilities are. Knowing yourself gives you a limitless and never boring experiences because that is what you are meant to be doing from the on set. Self enlightenment is the key to maintain and focus your motivation towards achieving your goals and dreams. When you surround your dreams with things that you really wants, your motivation to achieve them comes into play naturally. It is amazing how everything work together for the good of people who want to achieve great things.

2. Stop Reaching Into Uncomfortable Deductions 
You have to control yourself from seeing everything in a negative form to stay motivated. If you failed once, do not let yourself fall in a trap – do not think that you will most definitely fail twice. This is negative thinking. If you do, you will not feel any motivation at all, and just accept your fate as it is. There is a general saying; your background should not have the power to keep your back on the ground.

Do not define your whole life from any negative occurrences. Instead learn from it so that you will avoid it in the future. Make friends with your past so your present now will justify your future in a positive way.
3. Make The Decision

You have to make the decision to stay motivated. Motivation is not something that comes as natural as emotions like anger or love. It is a technique that the mind uses to pursue a goal or a want. However, once a certain number of attempts fail, the mind is hard-wired to abort and the person easily gives up. Having feelings of failure discourages you from pursuing any further.
Remember that Thomas Edison made 999 attempts before finally succeeding on the 1,000th attempt on the light bulb. This is because he made a choice to stay motivated to his goal. You have to tap from that genius mind (Thomas Edison) who never gave up and I don’t think he will if he failed the 1,000th time, because he made his decision a basic part of his life.
4. Establish A Success Formation 
For sure, you have had success in some of your endeavors in life. Revisit the defining moments of your life, like when you finally clinched the prize of your efforts to stay motivated. Highlight the milestones and identify the formula you used to reach your goals.
Athletes use this technique each time they compete. They visualize their winning moment to boost their confidence and performance.
5. Outline Your Limitations 
Motivation is oftentimes lessened with a clouded mind. Give some time to reflect and outline the limitations of your life. There are three basic limitations we have to be aware of.
Emotional limitations are feelings of doubts and fears that do not help you stay motivated. These feelings prevent you from taking risks, which is one of the cornerstones for success.
Mental limitations are feelings of failure that cripples us to play small in this world. We simply dismiss the idea of becoming great, contented with being mediocre. As a result, we are never motivated to push our boundaries further.
Environmental limitations are negative vibes from our surroundings. If we live in an environment full of distractions or identify with negative friends, chances are we also lack motivation. But if we live in a competitive and positive environment, we will have the drive and passion to excel and be our better selves.
6. Positive Thinking
Once you have identified the clutters in your life, teach yourself to see things in a more positive way. This technique keeps you motivated. Focus on the advantages instead of the disadvantages. Concentrate on the pros, not the cons.
This may take some practice but once you start thinking positively, your surroundings will appear brighter, and you will feel lighter and more confident.
7. Create Your Own Space 
Make sure that you made every effort to attune your mind, body and spirit towards your goal. But you still have to manage the distractions around you.
Remove the distractions around you, either at home or at work, and you will feel more motivated. A sound environment reinforces your resolve to achieve your goals and you will have more energy to face your day.
8. Good Planning

Good planning is essential. Planning well is the first step in setting a goal and you need it to feed your motivation.
When you plan, you have to be conscious of pitfalls and traps that can disable you. You have to commit yourself to overcome these and stay on the course. You can do this by having a back- up plan in case things do not go your way.

9. Get A Mentor

If you want to stay motivated to reach a particular goal, try to look for someone who can become your mentor. He or she is someone who was able to achieve excellence, whose success you want to emulate. You can choose two types of mentors; a celebrity mentor and a local mentor.
A celebrity mentor is a public figure that you wish to imitate. This mentor does not necessarily have to be alive. Being a famous personality, you can gain insights about him and his life from reading his biographies and other media.
A local mentor is someone from your family or neighborhood that serves as your inspiration to reach your goals. This mentor displayed success in his field. The success of someone who inspires you fires up your motivation.

10. Prepare A Morning Ritual 

A morning ritual is important to start a day with zest. The level of energy you have for the day depends heavily from your morning ritual. This ritual can be a short run around the neighborhood, meditation, yoga moves or most importantly praying to God.

Continue to practice it daily until it becomes a habit. It also helps if you practice a positive mindset every time you do your ritual to reinforce its benefits.

More research are currently being undertaken on this topic of discussion and anything that is discovered will be related on this website.


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